The application of scientific knowledge to solve through designing and building things is ‘Engineering’, Archimedes of Syracuse is considered as the father of engineering, however, many contributions are added by various other legends from different eras. For example, the device on which this article is displayed and you are able to view is the end-product of engineering techniques.

There are many branches in the field of engineering.  All the Engineering degrees are based on one or combination of four major disciplines namely Civil, Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Modern engineering is advanced and engineers of today are tech savvy. With the necessity of advanced gadgets and devices, the modern day technology and engineers are coming up with various electronic devices.

Engineering is the most sought-after and dream career for the majority of youngsters today. The field of Engineering is very dynamic in nature. So, to pursue a degree in this field, there is a proper approach. A twelfth student whose major subjects are Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry can pursue graduation in engineering soon after finishing his/her twelfth. Engineering has various disciplines all over India and there are numerous entrance examinations. There are national level as well as state level entrance examinations. It is a very challenging thing to actually decide the stream of engineering one wish to join. The aptitude for a certain discipline of engineering and burning desire to flourish in that can help you narrow down your choice. That is where a counselor can help you zero in on a specific discipline that interests you. Our goal is to help you choose from the various streams and guide you to join the best among what is available in your reach.